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I am an experienced database professional with more than 30 years on the IT vendor side and as an independent consultant. I have worked with databases and data modeling since the late 70s. Since 1995 primarily on data warehouse projects, but today I work mostly with graph database technology. I have a strong urge to visualize everything as graphs - also datamodels.

What drives me most is turning data into information and knowledge. My approach to information-driven analysis and design can be called "New Nordic" in the sense that I aim to exploit traditional Nordic ambitions such as superior quality, functionality, reliability and innovation; looking for new ways of communicating the structure and meaning of the business context.

A consultant by heart: I provide consulting, reviews and recommendations to data-driven projects:
> Business information analysis and design, incl. metadata and business vocabularies
> Data architecture
> Data modeling, not least graph models
> Database technologies (today mostly Neo4j)

I am an active writer and speaker. I live in Copenhagen, close to the airport. My firm, TF Informatik, was founded in 1995 and is registered in Denmark (DK66048950).

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Twitter @VizDataModeler
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A recent comment from at reader and fellow data modeler:

"I liked your articles on Dataversity having been involved in data modeling for several years now myself. The graph database world offered a completely new experience for modeling data in the life science space, and actually made it much more exciting than the relational world. Best regards!"

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Consulting, review and recommendations within anything data-driven:
  • Business information analysis, incl. metadata and business vocabularies
  • Data architecture with emphasis on graphs and knowledge graphs
  • Data modeling using property graphs
  • Database technologies, Neo4j
  • On-site 1-day course: Business Concept Modeling
  • In-house e-Learning course: Business Concept Modeling (3 modules)
Membership of professional organizations:
  • DI Federation of Danish Professional Service Firms (Management Consultants)
  • The Cognitive Science Society
  • The Data Warehouse Institute
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