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Today developers, data architects and data engineers are facing strong, and somewhat contradictory real life concerns. Classic data modeling falls short of addressing all of them.
This has led to data modeling being a second class activity. Now, that does not rhyme well with being data driven, does it?

Even if you are not implementing a graph db, the graph modeling paradigm has attractions making it part of the family of moderne modeling approaches.

Why Graph Data Models?

Graph Data Modeling, obviously, is well suited for graph databases. But there is more to it than that.
Most of what we previously called "conceptual models", is best (and fastest) done with graph data modeling, regardless of the target platform. In many cases the graph model has enough information about structure and meaning, making "logical models" unnecessary.
In short: Graph Data Models are:
  • Fast to deliver
  • Flexible enough to allow agile schema evolution as you go
  • Intuitive to read for business users
  • Richer in semantics than ERD
  • Equivalent to sixth normal form models, if needed
  • Easily mappable to many contemporary types of platforms, not only graph
  • Derivable from many legacy models such as UML etc.
  • Well suited for knowledge graphs, of course
Do not miss the train! Learn Graph Data Modeling now!
Want to Learn More About Graph Data Modeling at Your Own Pace?

Graph Data Modeling really handles the complex concerns of real life, well. This led us (Thomas Frisendal and Dataversity) to develop an Online Learning Plan for Modeling Data as Graphs.
The DATAVERSITY® Training Center (DVTC) is a first-class online training platform offering courses on a wide variety of data-related topics. The DVTC embodies the bold mission to provide in-depth training to everyone who wants to learn, improve, and succeed in the field of Data Management. Our courses connect experienced instructors with people who work—or would like to work—in the data industry.
The Learning Plan offers to help you getting deep insight into Graph Data Modeling:
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In the Modeling Data as Graphs Learning Plan, instructor Thomas Frisendal introduces Graph Data Architectures and Graph Data Modeling issues. He does so by taking you into specific scenarios for graph technology application. In this series of four courses seasoned data modelers will get answers to their concerns about Data Modeling, Data Quality, and Data Governance issues that are special to Graph Architectures and Models.

Everybody concerned with modeling business data for graphs will get a “cookbook” for designing controlled data models for the business. Agile developers will learn how to evolve graph data models using a schema-last, iterative approach, and enterprise data architects will learn what to focus on when evolving an enterprise knowledge graph data model. If all four courses are completed, a certificate of completion will be issued.

The four courses are:
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The first course, Overview of Of Graphs from a Data Modeling Perspective, is a pre-requisite for the other 3 courses, which may combined according to your needs.
See more here: DVTC Modeling Data as Graphs Learning Plan.

Online Data Modeling Training in General

If you would like to get deeper into data modeling in general, DATAVERSITY Training Center offers you 3 different Learning Plans on different levels and contexts:
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Modeling NoSQL and SQL with COMN with Ted Hills. In-depth, professional data modeling level.
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Data Modeling for Non-Data Modeling Professionals with Anthony Algmin. Data modeling for non data modeling professionals.
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What is Data Modeling?
With Anthony Algmin. Overview of data modeling.
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About the DATAVERSITY Training Center:

There are now over 90 data-driven courses offered in the DATAVERSITY Training Center!

• 13 new introductory-level courses for everyone to explore, even non-data people

• Nearly 50 courses on Data Governance, Information Quality, and Stewardship

• 20 in-depth training programs on Reverse Engineering, Data Modeling, and Database Technologies

• 15 courses on Metadata Management

• Seven courses on Mastering your Master Data

• And so much more...

We know how hard it is to choose just one course – that's why we've also added bundle discounts for purchases of two or more Learning Plans, group and corporate discounts, and customizable introductory course bundles too! With all these online courses and discount options in an easy-to-navigate website, you can't go wrong!

For more information about the DATAVERSITY Training Center, visit
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